The SDK adds assets-impl.xml to plain java projects

RC2 - nightly. I haven’t been able to pinpoint what triggers it but it seems that the SDK sometimes adds to the build-impl.xml

[xml]<import file=“assets-impl.xml”/>[/xml]

and adds the “-init-assets”

[xml]<target depends="-pre-init,-init-private,-init-user,-init-project,-init-macrodef-property,-init-assets" name="-do-init">[/xml]

Also an assets node appear in the project tree.

Problem is that it is a plain java-library with no assets so the project stops building with

foo/bar/nbproject/assets-impl.xml:5: foo/bar/build is not a file.

If I revert the changes in build-impl everything works fine. Anyone know what triggers this change so I can stop doing it? :slight_smile:

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When you go to the assets section of the project settings and the assets entry is created in the properties file.

I added a fix for that in svn, when theres no path the property is removed and the project should not be extended.

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Thanks, now I can keep clicking the wrong things in the settings :slight_smile: