The SkyDome code snippet

Hey, I'm trying to use the SkyDome included on

But I get many errors, I guess it's because that SkyDome class was made for an older jME version than I'm using.

  1. Does anyone know what version of jME the SkyDome class works for?
  2. Anyone got a version of SkyDome that works for jME version 0.10 ? (or is interested in porting it?)

    Thanks :slight_smile:


Off the top of my head I think it was written against the cvs version of jME.  So infact it's for a newer version of jME than you're using!  :lol:

Search for the original topic in user code as it might have more info.

Also I'd recommend using the cvs (nightly) build instead of 0.10 as many improvements have been made.

  • Chris

Ah, ok. I got it to work now.

One thing though… I can't seem to find some missing images the SkyDome class is using:





Any ideas where they might be?

bump. Found the missing flare textures: