There is no search option in the Jme wiki

I need to search in the wiki but there is not any search box like before…
download button not working…

yes, i also didnt seen search, but also noticed there is also left some static template i assume?


Anyway there is new wiki:

so idk if this one is work in progress or what?

because it looks same, just white mode and no Tutorial tab

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so you know @yn97

i think they just still work on it. Probably need time.

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how can I find tutorials of exporting and loading gltf model in jme?

Until it is fixed I think you can search directly in wiki GitHub page.

Here is the doc I could find for Gltf

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Sorry, this is on me. I haven’t really had any free time the past few weeks due to some circumstances. This weekend is my weekend to fix everything I’ve been slacking on, so I promise it’ll be done this weekend, maybe waiting on algolia.


Clicking the jmonkeyengine3 link on left navbar brings up the old wiki, just inside the ui. You can use your browsers search to find sub topics or the TOC on the right to locate main topics. Anything deep though just use a google search like,


or whatever topic your searching for.

Once we are done with moving things into modules, navigation will be significantly easier and make more sense.

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1-does jmonkeybuilder support glb conversation to j3o?
2-is it possible to use scene explorer to convert it to j3o?
3- what about textures of model in gltf format, are they embed in the glb file? if convert to j3o they will move to Texture folder in assets directory?

Have not tried with glb but gltf should work fine.

In JME SDK? I think yes it should be possible.

AFAIK if you use glb with embedded textures then when converting to j3o they will remain embedded inside j3o file I think.

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@8Keep123 @jayfella @mitm

Maybe almost noone click or afraid to report.

Documentation → SceneGraph for Dummies
Documentation → Math for Dummies

both dont work.

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I guess they’ve moved since the new wiki came about. Do you have new links @mitm and i’ll change them. Ideally we want them back where they were because they’re dotted all over the internet.

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Antora only publishes files from 5 family types. Currently, its not inside one of those families. I will see if I can get it to load from inside a pages family.

Ill get back shortly.

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I’m not sure on the level of control you have, but even a redirect from the original URL would suffice. It would be better than a completely new URL, at least.

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The file exists here.

Ok, I have found a way to get this to work.

It would no longer be an iframe afterwards where it loads inside the page. The open in full screen mode will work instead.

I have to discuss this with the other admins because this is a hack and there may be a better way.

Any fix will come with the next release of the ui, hopefully in a few days or less.




Awesome. Thanks guys.

I noticed though that it’s impossible to use the wiki on mobile devices.

All I can see is the menu and a tiny bit of the right hand side. I’m on a iPhone SE.

This is the page I was viewing.

Er, thats gitbook?

What about this?

Edit: There is also an <div> element showing as plain text on that gitbook page at the very last line.

That link works great. I searched google and got that Gitbook link :confused:

My bad.

Official traverse scene,