There's a dead link in the documentation. Can someone point me to the correct resource?

I am looking at the DirectionalLightShaderRenderer and it has a link that is now broken. It seems like a good thing to read to fully understand what this class does. The constructor also references the same link:

I am mainly trying to figure out more details on the parameters for the constructor. I find that my shadow only looks acceptable with shadowMapSize=8192 and nbSplits=3. I have no idea what the range of acceptable values for these parameters are. 8192 seems a bit high and I get a little bit of lag at the beginning, but after that I get a stable 144 fps.

My gut tells me I’m approaching this wrong and might be using the wrong class/tool or something, so that’s why my first step is to understand what’s going on under the hood. I think the last time I asked a question about shadows someone mentioned that the built in classes didn’t work very well and I’d be better off making my own shadow shaders and such. I don’t really want to go that route, but I will if I must.

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…second link when I ran it.


Thank you very much!

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I’ll update the javadoc

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