Thinking about collision damage etc with GImpact/Hull

Hi all,

im thinking about use of gimpactcollisionshape/hullcollisionshape (hull with ripped parts for accuracy improvement) for my ships (players only, not NPC), since they are < 1000 polys and ones to tens of players are planned on a single map

Since gimpactcollisionshape does not respond to physicscollisionlistener, it is not possible to deal some damage to HP on collision by using this shape. I think i should overcome this, by measuring velocity length of actual tick and previous tick and when length difference is too high (lets say more than 1.5x engine’s acceleration), it should deal damage.

by this meaning, collision is not the one who deals damage (so it is not required to catch it). but when anything changes ship’s velocity too rapidly, the relative change in speed is doing “collision” damage (bonus is similar approach could be used for angular velocity also, so centrifugal force or sudden angular speed change can damage ship too). type of force should be considered too, since ship cannot be damaged by gravity (or applycentralforce simulating gravity) itself. it also avoids use of collision event listeners, so less dependencies (practically no dependencies).

this approach can handle also things such as bounce can give smaller amount of damage to fast moving object, because relative change in speed was small

i dont know how gimpact/hull handles other things, such as ghost object overlap (for example sensors detection), margins… so tips are welcomed (maybe sphere shape 1m big inside gimpact shape? )

how many polys should be optimal for player’s ship which uses gimpact/hull collision shapes for use?

if anyone is interested in thinking about this, lets discuss :slight_smile:

Hm i use a difeent approach for bullets

-> Hulls hape for rough,
then convert impart to ship centric local where the ship is a meshcollisionshape.

That way i have good accuracy while the hull is good enough for fast approximation, and behaves as expected.

i cant imagine what you said :slight_smile: