ThirdPersonHandler autorun


I am using "ThirdPersonHandler" to control my character, somebody could give me an example of as making a "AUTORUN" using this controller. I was happened to make as if is pressing the key "w" in a continuous way but one doesn't eat to pass the value to the controller without pressing the key "w", thank you for their help.

Could somebody give myself an example of as passing a value to the controller "ThirdPersonHandler" without pressing a key?

Excuse if my question is very silly, I am a new one.  :?

Probably you can call the numerous setXXX methods (like setGoingForward( true ) ) to achieve what you want. Or definately you can call the performAction methods of an action like ThirdPersonForwardAction if you want to use permitter and camera side effects of the actions. You can't obtain the actions used by the ThirdPersonHandler itself but you can simply create new ones.