This weeks Challenge : Build A House

For everyone who has downloaded Script Blocks. I would like to see how your building skills are going.

So for this week please Build A House with the blocks and post your picture here with comments on why it was easy are hard fun or boring.



I tried posting this before but it disappeared.

Here is a how to video. Good Luck. I’m excited to see what everyone creates

Well, I made a house…

I have to say that I had a small fps drop at the end(well it was pretty large number of vertices), and if u can make undo that would be great.

I had to rebuild roof twice because I accidentally pressed x when I meant of c!

And one more thing, why don’t blocks reset when I turn them back off(for example, rotation)?


and it is really hard to follow who is who’s child when making something like wall or… house :stuck_out_tongue:

@ivokosir Dude!!! Awesome Job. That is alot of blocks. Today you win the internet.

I need to do a lot of performance fixes and optimization but its more fun to make new blocks.

I need to add a block counter so we can see how many you have. +1 for chimney.

Im going to post it on the blog if you dont mind?

There is a stepper block that uses frequency to say what angle it turns if you want to control rotation better.

lol i dont think ive even made something that epic in minecraft.

awesome house haha

Yes go ahead I don’t mind, btw i uploaded that .js file I think it’s a level that I made, so here’s link:

I put on a frequency generator made a rainbow house ha

after some cpu profiling it looks like my code is spending all its time in


public void focus() {

CollisionResults results = new CollisionResults();

Ray ray = new Ray(ScriptBlocksApplication.getInstance().getCam()

.getLocation(), ScriptBlocksApplication.getInstance().getCam()



.collideWith(ray, results);


is there a way to limit the distance of a ray? or the amount of results it uses?


Also, if this is for mouse over and not clicking, you can do something like only doing collision when the camera has moved and/or not more often than 1/10th of a second… really saves a lot of CPU for relatively little work.

gbluntzer said:
I put on a frequency generator made a rainbow house ha

I am definitely going to win for Christmas house decoration :)
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