Tips for interpreting the new profiler?

Hello everyone,
I recently switched to 3.2 and have to say that the new profiler is awesome.
But I have a few questions concerning some of its points:
What is the flushQueue method, specifically the opaque bucket doing that takes up almost 9ms of my frame time?
Is it correct that stateManagerUpdate simply calls update() on all states after each other? (that takes up 8.5 ms)

Here is a screenshot of the profiler on my game:

Thanks in advance for any answers!

According to the stats in the lower left, you have almost 4000 objects in your scene. That’s a lot for this view. (For reference, Mythruna with 192 meter clip distance and lots of placed objects usually runs between 2000 and 3000… and has a lot more going on than in this pic.)

What app states do you have attached?

The objects will be the trees then.
I’ll implement the instancing and whatnot (what I asked for in the other thread :wink:) later on.
The AppStates should just be my game state which houses the world and npc logic as well (albeit this being a new game - so no npcs here), and a screenshot state and the stats and profiler state.