Tips to improve FPS rate


I’m encountering some FPS troubles with my game and I’d like to know the common tips that generally help in this case, so I’d enjoy you guys share your experience with me by telling me pretty much whatever you think of. This could also be useful to some other people I’m pretty sure of this.

I’d like to share some code so you guys could be more specific but unfortunately I can’t as it’s a commercial project :(. But as I’m new to coding videogame, I most likely did all the common mistakes every one does when first time coding a game.

Note : The project is an Android one (that’s part of the problem actually I think cause even though I’m aiming recent devices, it seems limited).

Thx, I’ll enjoy any help on this.

Well I’m not an expert but I think these are usually the common tips, at least it helped me a lot:

Also check if you are doing too many thing in the update loop, maybe you need to use controls or application states

I don’t know if there are other Android related issues, sorry.

One big mesh is faster than several small meshes.

Try to combine them. GeometryBashFactory (or similar… dont know the exact name atm) can do that for you. It combimes everything with the same material to one mesh and removes everything unecessary. ( AFAIK )

Works only with static things…

SO: The more non-static things you have, the slower your application is! Specially moprhing meshes like animations are seriously stressing the graphics card as far as i read.

The graca-transport way is the main bottleneck. It can calc fast. It can calc everything. But it cant calc what isnt there in time, so it has to wait. And wait… And wait… You know, what i mean.

Those are the most basic tipps i found on my way… :wink:

@karmarok: Ninja’d! :open_mouth:

Specially moprhing meshes like animations are seriously stressing the graphics card as far as i read

Its worse that than, animation in jme is done in cpu because jme currently doesnt support hardware skinning that's why it is so slow.

I just learnt that using too many billboards slows down performance quite seriously. Hope you find the answers your seeking.