To: tGiant, OutRunner and Badmi

I know that Cep was working on BSP support for the engine, but I don’t know whether it is for the rendering or for the partitioning, ie. compiling.

BSP compiling is nontrivial afaik and should only be done statically, ie. when saving the map. Additionally, we were thinking on supporting PVS (potentially visible sets) and portals (which can be used for mirrors eg, too). No decisions on these yet.

If appreciated, I’ll post my view on bsp and other map techniques somewhere in this forum so that we can finally start discussing how we support BSP and the other techniques in the scenegraph. I personally would like mojo, cep and renanse to participate in this discussion, that’s why I have not pushed it forward and waited instead for 0.9.

Sounds like a good idea to me.

Lets see what mojo and the guys say about this!

Hi all, well sorry DP didn’t respond to this thread, but the thing is that i have to put something working in.

Well, it was long time ago trying to make things with RCP, but things gone so complecated, so i have decided to make things a little easier for you guys, and migrated some of the functionality to the JFaces, basiclly this is a little frame work which meight lead into intersting stuff, also may be not, but i will be glad if someone get some benifit from it.

Here are some screenary.

You can download the bin and the source from here.

Another thing, not all the controlls that you see works, just what works really nice is, controlling entities, ( Moving, rotating , scalling ) with the 3d max gizmo alike tool, and the right controll panel, others don’t bother your self about. Also i will add the physics soon, lights managment also will be added, but the thing is it neeeed tons of work. (Some editors gurus here ?? :)).

Please tell me what do you think.

Ohhh by the way (a-s-w-d and drag the mouse with the right click will move you around the world)

Hope you will like it.


Looks pretty cool. I wonder if that can be done now with our AWT canvas. :slight_smile: Anyhow, I tried to download it and it went to some Rapid Share page with no download :frowning:

Thanks renanse, i needed a space, and didn’t find a better place.

In order to download, the link above gives you a page which have ( Select your download ) at the bottom. --> choose free, this will lead you to another page, which will make you want a little time, look at the counter at the bottom also, then the download will start automatically ( don’t know why is this ).

Agian sorry for this.

I wonder if that can be done now with our AWT canvas

I will try to make something their, but this will need a drastik changes, anyway source code is avialable if any one want try it. me will try later.

Again sorry for this renanse i should have pointed this.


renanse any news ???

Ok, was able to pull it down finally, and run it.

Looks pretty good. Some bugs, but the overall presentation is pretty clean. Kudos!

Thanks renanse for your feedback, really appriciate that alooot.

Well, its just yeterday that i have finished part of the light managment, here is a little screen.

You can drag and drop the light in the scene and start position it, those spots resimble different kinds of lights, also material managmenet is comming really soon too.

I will clean this a little bit and upload it soon.