Tonegod.gui.controls.lists.Table, Acces to TableCell stored value

Hi everybody !

I just want to ask a question about tonegodgui and it’s implementation.

So I’m using the Table list which is in development. I just don’t understand why the TableCell value isn’t reachable since you add it to be read over the label.

Here is what I found really strange

   public static class TableCell extends Element implements Comparable<TableCell> {
        private Object value; //This value can't be accessed

My case :

    actionList = new Table(screen, new Vector2f(border, border + this.dragBar.getHeight() + 50), new Vector2f(w / 4, h - border * 2 - 50*2 - this.dragBar.getHeight())) {
        public void onChange() {
            for(Spatial s : actionList.getSelectedRows().get(0).getChildren()){
                if(s instanceof TableCell){
                    TableCell cell = (TableCell) s;
                    //What I want to do
                    MyObject o = (MyObject) cell.getValue();

Do I have misconception of what the value is mean to be ?

Link to the Source

Dunno if helps: I access their text via the element getText() method:

Table.TableRow selectedRow = ((Table)screen.getElementById(tableName)).getSelectedRows().get(0);
String firstCellText = selectedRow.getElements().iterator().next().getText();

Yeah the text is accessible since it’s in the Element definition. But the value inside can’t be reach because it isn’t encapsulate. I manage to get ride of it by using the Index of the cell and an ArrayList but I just feel like it isn’t how it was supposed to be use.