TonegodGUI documentation seems broken on new site

For me, the above link goes to the right page. However, every link on that page returns me to this page:

I’m assuming the links point to where the documentation was on the old site rather than the new, so it’s just returning me to the closest thing it can find.

Edit: It appears they’re pointing to here:

Googling for the quick-start page that the above should give finds this (working) link:

Looks like she didn’t use internal dokuwiki links…

I have added documentation to the TonegodGui wiki, and as far as I could tell, the links were quite normal. I have also added info to the Zay-ES wiki too and that is all intact. So I don’t see that there was a linking problem in the wiki.

Perhaps there was a backup problem when porting over to the new site? If not, then it’s somewhere on a disk waiting to be restored. I hope that is the case.

It would be a great travesty to lose those wiki pages.

They’re all full links like “” but they should be just “jme3:contributions:tonegodgui:quickstart”. This didn’t happen in any other part of the wiki so I’m quite convinced they were never internal wiki links to begin with. On the ZayES pages they are all internal wiki links.