Tonegodgui now gradlefied and moved to GitHub

just for information. Like the most of you know, the original source code of tonegodgui is readpnly now (see ). We have exported it to github. And its now available at
Our first mission was to gradlefy it, so you can use it for your builds easily (see
Please feel free to fork it.


I literally also just moved tonegodGUI to the new jMonkeyEngine-Contributions org on github.

@wuendsch if you intend to maintain tonegodgui, which would be great, I suppose it makes sense to make yours the default repository. I believe there’s nothing in the way of deleting our own copy, right Paul?

I’m curious to see if Paul’s migrated repo is still propagating through GitHub though, or if the history that’s currently shown is it. If it’s fully settled already then there are some big discrepancies in the history of these two repos (658 commits vs 176).

Yes, that’s troubling.

There appears to be no source in the googlecode project… so it’s possible this already lived somewhere else and only binaries were stored in the jme-contrib project on google code.

I’ve personaly prefers to see the tonegod Repo clonned under jme repo and not any one personnal repo, but that isn’t a big deal as long as we can get a fork…

btw @pspeed the repo under jme-contribution does not contain the source, it seam to be the pluggin that you download when using the sdk, am i right ?

@erlend_sh the clonned version of @wuendsch contain the correct history.

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Text so my reply isn’t empty. But yes, it appears that way.

[quote=“roroah, post:6, topic:33626”]
I’ve personaly prefers to see the tonegod Repo clonned under jme repo and not any one personnal repo, but that isn’t a big deal as long as we can get a fork…
[/quote]The repo could live in the jMonkeyEngine org, sure, but that’s really up to @wuendsch and any other maintainers that step up to the plate.

Moving repositories between Users/Orgs is trivial anyhow, so as long as there’s not more than one upstream repository for maintainers to worry about, we can come back to the “soft politics” whenever it suits us.

Hi @roroah, I downloaded the release and it seems theres no netbeans project. I’m not familiar with gradle… but I can’t just download release, open the project in the sdk, and build it. You should release a compiled .jar along with the sourcecode for the github release.

Done, you can check it.


In case you guys didn’t notice i’m also host a git repo of tonegod gui and improving a lot of aspect of it everyday. Our company are currently working in 3 game titles using Tonegod gui and make our own editor which also will be open-sourced soon. So may be you should take a lot at this repository too. :smile: - The library - Test suite - Will have code here soon!


good job

Beside of the "origina"l fork, the code in “atomix” 's repo is under active development and getting massive refactoring and add new features. I’m also going to post updated wiki there . Upcoming feature:

  • Work with JME3.1
  • GUI Editor and code generator
  • Action system
  • Better sprite support
  • Better event system
  • Pooling
  • Integrate better with JME cinematic system.
  • More examples and tests

May be we should merge them somehow? What do you guys intend to do with Tonegod gui?


From personnal point of view if you plan to maintain and improve the API I would be realy thanksfull :smiley:

We do not have any evolution plan for Tonegod GUI. The repository was mainly made to save the google code from depreciation.

If your fork is already in active developpement, I suggest Brainless-Studios to fork it instead of keeping its own (plus gradleisation).

@wuendsch what do you think?

Hi …

I can’t find an updated tonegod.gui.jar

Is there one to be had? Please leave an address so I can download it. I really don’t want to build from sources, thx.

My code (written a year or two ago) used a class called LabelElement. Has that been deprecated? Or maybe dissappeared ?

I really should have kept the jar I was using in my version control. Silly me … learning lessons the hard way.

Thanks for any help.


I’m also having trouble getting jme3 / jme3.1 to work with tonegod at the moment. I’m not using the SDK but eclipse with gradle, so it would be really nice if every dependency came from a maven repository. But right now this just does not seem to work with any permuation of versions.
The most I got working right now is jme 3.0.10 from the maven repository and tonegod.gui.jar: the app runs and shows the menu I created, but I cannot click on anything. I haven’t changed any of the click handlers in ages, and I rechecked them, they are still in place. When running in debug mode I found that the click handlers are never triggered, so there seems to be a problem with the integration of tonegod into jme. The same goes for the current snapshot version of tonegodgui from their maven repo.
Can anyone help?