Tonght's live stream - Pluggable text handling for Lemur

9 PM GMT-4, I will try to add pluggable text handling to Lemur.

I’ve purposely tried not to think too much about it beyond that so you guys can watch me stumble through designing the feature, keeping backwards compatibility, testing, etc…

I’ll post a link closer to the time.

Live stream in about 5 minutes. Watch me design+code on the fly. Will it go well? Mythruna - Coding - Pluggable text handling for Lemur UI library.

At the end, we’ll preview some of the day/night cycle progress in Mythruna.

Edit: added chapter markers so it’s easier to skip around.

Regarding the Text2dFactory interface you made, because you needed two parameters, you could use BiFunction: BiFunction (Java Platform SE 8 )

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I needed three in the end… but also, I was wrong. :slight_smile:

I was misreading the code that looked up the style and grabbed the font setting. I can just switch that to fontName and go back to just passing one parameter. I may still keep the interface for clarity.

I was thinking if Text2d interface should have an isRightToLeft()?

mm… yeah, I based my interface on what Label is currently using. Since it doesn’t (yet) have your right-to-left changes then it may need to be added with that support.