Tonight's live stream - Bug fix extravaganza

…and I’ll go over a little bit about what went into the performance release.

Tonight’s stream will run a little late tonight: 9:30 instead of 9:00 (I hope… may be a little later.)

Had to push it until tomorrow. The thing I went to ran a lot longer than expected.

Still planning on 9:00 PM tonight… same topic.

Link should be the same, but just in case: 9PM GMT-5… ~25 minutes from now.


Great stream tonight! Thanks again to everyone who joined and asked questions and stuff.

I’ll post back when there are chapters. I normally wouldn’t necessarily do it for a “bug fix” live stream but there were a few “off-topic tangents” that I want to make note of.

Chapters have been added. Here is a preview:

0:00 Introduction
1:50 The task list
7:20 Review of the last release
9:00 Fixing bugs
9:30 Aside: loading screens
10:40 Back to bug hunting
21:50 Why there is a max build height
30:00 Back to bug hunting
40:00 Side masks
42:15 Back to bug hunting
1:12:00 Wrapping up

The “Why there is a max build height” chapter is one of the only reasons that I put chapters at all. Everything is just whacking issues one by one.

Thanks, I enjoyed watching it, was funny falling through the holes. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am looking forward to seeing the farming stuff.

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Me, too! I wish the dev would hurry up and finish that… oh… wait…