Tonight's live stream - finishing the positional sound effects

Hopefully this will be at the normal time (9PM GMT-4) but my youngest is attending a high school sporting event and I’m not yet sure the timing.

I will be trying my best to finish the positional audio stuff because I’m trying to cut a release next Friday/Saturday in time to be available by Oct 31 (Halloween). I don’t think I’ll have any Halloween-specific content in but you never know.

I’ll post the link here when I have a better idea of the timing.


Looks like I will be able to do it on time.

The link:


Live stream is done. I was able to get sound (mostly) working. The positional sound is doing “something” but it’s not quite right yet. I remember this before with JME sound… lots of tweaking.

I’ll go back in a couple of hours and add chapters for folks who like to skip around.

Chapters are up for those who want to skip around.

Here are the time codes as kind of a preview:
0:00 Starting up
0:25 Future topics
1:40 Thanking the Patrons
2:30 What we’re going to do today
3:05 Aside: quick demo of ambient sound
3:40 What we’re going to do today, cont.
4:50 “Local space” relative positioning
11:10 Continuing from last week
11:40 App State visualization lifecycle
13:00 Double checking our work
13:50 Testing the test visuals
14:50 Sound positioning offsets? Not now.
18:25 Let’s make sounds
20:00 Making the sound mono to be positional
22:30 Let’s make sounds, cont.
26:00 Fixing some bugs
30:00 Hooking up volume
37:10 It’s not working!
40:55 “Things I’m not going to get to”
41:30 Positional audio
56:00 Why isn’t it working?
1:06:45 I’m a big dumb idiot!
1:13:15 Wrapping up, where to next, etc.
1:22:30 Thanks for watching!