Tonight's live stream: Picking some items off the backlog

Only thing I know for sure is that the stream will be at 9PM GMT-4.

I’m inclined to start working on some performance related items but I’ll probably take a pass through the short-term backlog to see if there is something more educational and/or straight-forward.


Stream’s done. Thanks to everyone who joined. I’ll go back and add chapters later for anyone who wants to jump around.

Edit: chapters have been added. Here is a preview of the chapter titles:
0:00 Introduction
1:55 Click performance
4:35 Checking transaction performance
7:00 Scripting the axe to be a test
11:35 Aside: manipulators
15:30 Implementing the test action
30:20 Playing with physics for a minute
31:25 Why do we get so many events?
35:50 Making World.setWorldCell() transactional
51:30 Next Steps
59:15 Block placing tricks
1:03:15 Next Week