Tonight's live stream - Starting Mythruna sound integration

I think for tonight’s live stream (9 PM GMT-4), I will try to get the sound/music integration off the ground… at least initially using it on the main menus, adding a volume page to settings, etc… If that goes quickly then maybe start in-game integration.

This should include hooking sounds into the Lemur styling if I get that far.


Link to the live stream starting in 15 minutes or so:


Stream is done and chapters have been added so you can skip around if you don’t want to listen to me ramble.

Spent 20 minutes or so implementing something that I ripped out and did something simpler anyway. It would have been an interesting topic with time to treat it well (blackboard data structures) but a) there wasn’t really time to do it properly and b) SiO2’s implementation is missing a piece necessary for it to work… so in the end it was a dumb idea to try and use it in a livestream.

…such is the “joy” of not planning ahead because I want to expose some of the process.

Anyway, demo of the day/night settings at the end and some of the challenges completed and yet to be.

The day night cycle looks really nice, I also really like the way you were able to fix the issue with the shadows flipping noticeably when the DirectionalLight flips from the sun to moon after sunset, that’s always been one of my least favorite things about day/night cycles but you did a good job hiding that.


Thanks for watching! :slight_smile:

Nice devlog video! Enjoyed watching it.

I think you might also want to specify the looping mode on the music in SoundState so it can keep playing.


Nah, the JME sound API is truly deficient in this area. If you want a purely streamed audio source then you are left to manage it yourself.

I’ve now built my own Sound wrapper that will handle the looping for non-streaming sources by reloading the audio. It also means I can instantiate the Sound even when there is no asset manager because it can wait to load until it’s actually playing ‘for real’.

My SoundState class becomes a lot simpler and can just manage the active sounds, transitions, etc. without worrying about how looping is handled.


It was a good session, i liked the part where you are done messing with the AudioData then replace it with AudioNode then messing around with AppStates without an application :slight_smile:, i don’t even recall a good usage for AudioData, well may be internally used by the AudioNode, in some cases docs aren’t sufficient and the source code is handy…

And, the day night transition is really nice, also the handling of shadows through inhibiting the DL and using the moon light as ambient…

Could you please add a stream premiere on youtube, as i am not so active these days on the jme hub ?

I’m a noob so I’m not sure what this means.

I try to schedule the live stream in advance so if folks subscribe+bell I thought they would get a notification. But youtube is like shifting sand and sometimes kind of confusing.

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Lol, alright i will try to keep up with the jme hub as far as possible.

I mean, I’m willing to take advice on this… I only barely know what I’m doing on youtube so far.

I will try to see if there is something more I can do… but I think in the end folks who want notifications will have to subscribe and click the bell.

Also note: I do these regularly at 9PM GMT-4 on Fridays and if I’m going to miss one then I will announce it. It’s a regular thing now and I want to keep that going.

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Youtube swallows the notifications sometimes :sweat_smile:, i will stay tuned on twitter for the video instead…i am not so active on it but will wait for the next video notification on Friday :wink:.

Yeah, first we had to subscribe… then that wasn’t good enough. Now we have to click the bell. I used to want to make a fake joke video where they required you to go through yet another step to really get all notifications… but then they actually added that.

So if I make a joke video, I will have to go four or more levels deep now. :wink: