[tools] a runtime scene explorer

To help debug scene at runtime or in test mode out of the SDK. I created jme3_ext_spatial_explorer

You can use it:

  • to see the scene tree (no auto-refresh)
  • to hook your own custom actions (see README ) on a spatial (popup menu) or on application (toolbar)
  • to use the actions, I already include:
    • show skeleton, bounds, physics, wireframe, local axis
    • to delete spatial (call removeFromParent)
    • to save as .j3o

to install :

  • jdk 8u20+
  • add the jar + dependencies
repositories {
    maven { url "http://updates.jmonkeyengine.org/maven/"}
    maven { url "http://dl.bintray.com/jmonkeyengine/contrib" }

dependencies {
    testCompile 'net.alchim31.jme3:jme3_ext_spatial_explorer:0+'
  • register the AppState and every Action (see README )
    or use the helper for default setup :

Give it a try, and share your comments. I hope it’ll be as usefull for you than it’s for me. :wink: