shatterblast said:

Since I like doing things the hard way, I am attempting to put together my code and the semblances of FengGUI and JME 2.   :)  I may figure out the RenderPass Input Adapter for Xith later, but apparently, it mimics the RenderPass needs in JME.  FengJMEInputHandler.java may inherit trouble with mouse-wheel scrolling from JME 1.  I didn't see the feature to confirm that.  Clicking, dragging, and keyboard input work.  Also, it's meant as an aid for testing FengGUI from SVN.  Part of the reason includes FengGUI's transition to LWJGL 2.  Here is an existing wiki link.  Until FengGUI's next release, none of the following should replace JME 1 methodology since it aims toward JME 2.

And the test case.  The example produces a FengGUI window in the bottom-left for both dragging and closing.  I borrowed this from elsewhere in the JME site.  It should allow viewing 3D objects, but I have not tested such yet.  FengGUI has better working examples of functionality in its own test cases.

I'm currently able to essentially run a GameState for FengGUI along with a GameState for the 3D at the some time with FengGUI widgets sitting on top of the graphics.  Seems to work fine.

What I have had problems with is using FirstPersonHandler along with the making the cursor viewable view MouseInput.  It makes things interest to control if you're running the game in windowed mode.  I'm not entirely sure what you're asking(if you are asking anything).. can you specify?

Will this code blow up your computer?  Only if it's a bomb in the first place.

So is it a bomb?  :?