Touch to Mouse on Android

Hi there,

I’m currently trying to get my application to recognize that my touch event is a left mouse click event.

Is there a specific way I should be doing this?

Or should I just expect that the touch event will equal to a mouse event.

As of now, if my application is run on a pc it responds to the click event appropriately. But when I put it on android the t0neG0dGUI works properly, but when I click the screen, it doesn’t seem to read the touch events.

On the mobile device the model will not respond at all to any touch events but the debug console will tell me that there is a touch event occuring

Any help will be appreciated!

To clarify, the gui controls are registering the events and responding? Just want to help clarify the problem.

If this is the case… touch events can be differentiated using:


Types you are looking for are:


If you wish to, you can forward mouse events from these, though, working with the touch events are easier.


It looks like it has something to do with actually building the application. After completely debugging it, and installing the application using the sdk usb debugger. The app worked just fine.

But once compiled to an apk, signed, and installed. It just goes to showing the statistics in the corner.

It looks like it’s more of a general problem, I have no idea what it could possibly be at this point.

But to sum it up… SDK direct debug USB install works. Compiled .APK install does not.