in Hello Collision missing

The link to the in points to a non existing location.
Can somebody correct this or give me the link of the github project of this wiki - I seem to be too stupid to find it, I only could find the old from @erlend_sh - and the new location of so I could maybe fix this?

As well Hello Terrain and Hello Effects lacks some important pictures - there are only place holders…

Fixed. Thanks for reporting.

Thanks for fixing! :smile:
is still pointing to

“Sample Code
If you don’t have it yet, download the sample scene.”

and here:
“The file is included as a sample model in the JME3 sources – you can download it here.”

You can also see in the source that is clearly hasnt been corrected.

@Ali_RS, could you please to the following:

git clone GitHub - jMonkeyEngine/wiki: The official wiki for jMonkeyEngine.
cd wiki
grep -r googlecode .
grep -r .

and fix the links.

Currently there are 200+ broken links.

$ grep -r googlecode . | wc
43 355 9004
$ grep -r . | wc
175 1372 42055

I can also do this if you give me commit access or promise to integrate my pull request if I do it. can be found here:*/

Could you please add it to the github repo - or explain why it is missing ?

Thanks in advance,


It is out of my access to invite other users but i have permission to merger others PRs.
@david_bernard_31 invited me to wiki and has full access to repo. He can give you the permission.

I will merge it, promise you.
Before adding any we should first MAKE SURE @coredevelopers are agree with.

I already made a PR to add and was considering to fix broken links to after it has been merged, but it never merged and later because of my mistake that PR was ruined anyway and i closed it.


Why not into the github project of the wiki (I was too stupid to finde the repo btw)?

Just a note: GIT is a really horrible place to store binaries. It’s less bad when it never changes, though. However, if we were ever to update that zip then anyone cloning the repo would be downloading every full version of that file.

I’d check bintray’s policy on this sort of thing. Even though we can’t release it as a maven resource, there should be some other way to release it on bintray.


Just a note: is also being used by the jmonkey example project:
Try a grep -r jmonkeyengine and you’ll get

jmonkeyengine/sdk/JME3TestsTemplate/src/jme3test/asset/        am.registerLocator("", ZipLocator.class);
jmonkeyengine/sdk/JME3TestsTemplate/src/jme3test/asset/            System.out.println("Failed to load from");
jmonkeyengine/sdk/JME3TestsTemplate/src/jme3test/asset/        assetManager.registerLocator("",
jmonkeyengine/sdk/JME3TestsTemplate/src/jme3test/helloworld/    assetManager.registerLocator("", ZipLocator.class);

Therefore I think it shouldnt be part of the wiki, but part of the repo that contains the jmonkey example project.
As far as I can see should be in the root folder of the test projekt (i.e. in jmonkeyengine/sdk/JME3TestsTemplate/) for the commant assetManager.registerLocator(“”, ZipLocator.class); to work

@pspeed the file is 640kb and never changes (have a look at Wayback Machine )

In jmonkeyengine/jme3-testdata/src/main/ is already 91MB of other test data.
I would say that the file belongs to there.


I am agree too.