Tracks and Roads


I am working on race game, i need different types of roads (tracks) scene model.

Where can i find the tracks?


If you can’t make the tracks yourself, and you don’t know a capable modeler who could help you, you’ll just have to start searching the web for free assets. Depending on how you’re gonna approach the creation of your tracks though, you might just need road textures, not actual models. should have some for sale. Their license is quite annoying however.

Thanks , can u tell me how to set the walk direction for vehicle control.?

If i want to automatically turn the vehicle from current point to some other point? or some what radius, is it possible?


MonkeyZone has a very simple “go to point x” vehicle AI.

I am using JMonkey version 3, in which i could not find the class “com.jme.animation.SpatialTransformer”.

Can u guide me on this. (PatternController inherit this )

Thanks in advance

This is like talking to a wall with a speaker built in…


Thanks,when i try with AutonomousVehicleControl, I have specified doMoveTo on init and calling update (on update of the application).

The problem is that it is turning correctly when it starts, after reached half of the distance, the wheel is turning left and right (not moving at all).

when i debug it, i found it as the below line returns negative for 4 time and positive for 4 or 5 times.


Kindly guide me, weather i am using the api properly. If not, kindly guide me.