Transparency doesn`t work

i use blender 2.6version and i create plane to make fake water effect.

i set material’s transparency as Z-Transparency. But When i export this plane as Ogre.xml

It isn`t same with blender.

In Jme, it looks like material’s transparency as Mask in Blender…

Here is image.

  1. blender.
  2. JME SDK.

Ogre/Blender materials and jME materials (j3m) aren’t the same.

Thank you ^^

@glaucomardano said:
Ogre/Blender materials and jME materials (j3m) aren't the same.

This is not mentioned.... Whre is mentioned?

In ogre side xD. Not all features can be exported directly from blender. You have to re-do some things. Just keep in mind that if you wanna use the jME material features just take a look at the materials overview