Stepping through jMonkeys Wiki i found i tried the HUD Tutorial first.

This is really good i think and i went through it and still doing.

My problem is, that transperincy, which should look like this:

looks for me like this:

I am still looking over it and also asked for help, but i dont get the mistake, maybe somebody of u can look it over and say me what i am doing wrong.

I posted the code on

Full wiki is found here

Thx for ur time


Had a chat about this on the jME IRC channel ( #jME on Turns out the image in the wiki does not actually have an alpha channel in it!

Look at the image name, it is "hudtutorial2texture-nontransparent.png". As explained in the text, I marked the areas which should be transparent, as green. Otherwise it would have been difficult to highlight them :slight_smile:

LLama already told me

so i managed this wiki in the middle of the night

i never made some transparent things before

i think it will work if i try another time