Trouble setting up jME (im on step 4)


I have manged to get to step 4 of the setup. But i must have a different version of cvs than the one used in the tutorial; the general tab just say the feature was removed.

Im not sure how to set up the connection.

I tried to command the commands and gt this error -

cvs -d login
ncvs -d checkout -P jme
Unable to initialize the CVS process: The system cannot find the file specified.
The CVS used is : cvs.exe

Use build-in cvs in eclipse. There is also a good guide how to get it working on wiki.

Ok, i will look for the guide. But i was looking through the cvs install directory an i cant see a "cvs.exe" i can see a "wincvs.exe" though, is this the problem?

I think i might use "elipse" instead of wincvs as the tutorial is much easier.

Perhaps we should change the order of these two pages, the getting started, and the getting started with Eclipse… that way we could encourage people to first try Eclipse, and, if they want or know what they are doing, provide the detailed instructions with Ant, CVS, etc…

That way, these questions would not be asked as frequently (sorry for the hijack  )

If i am using eclipse now can uninstall ant and winCVS?

Yes, Eclipse uses its own internal tools