Trouble swapping between JDKs and jME

I’ve been developing an app using JDK 1.5 but recently swapped my IDE to use blackdown-1.4.2 JDK, because of some 1.5 features being snuck into abstract functions I didn’t want. However, when I tried to run my app, using blackdown-1.4.2, I get an error telling me my jME archive is invalid – that the version is 48 and should be 49.

When I switch back to 1.5, poof, all is well.

The class I am working on is a Image I/0 ImageReaderSpi, so I’d like to avoid making it 1.5 exclusive. BTW - if anyone has worked with these suckers before… any help is greatly appreciated. :wink:

Any ideas on why jME is failing when I swap out of JDKs?


duh… because I had compiled the CVS in 1.5. :stuck_out_tongue:

All is well now. :slight_smile: