Trouble with collada


im also interested in the support for collada 1.4

I also read something that people stick to version 3.02 because 3.03 cased some problems. Unfortunelety the only versions available at Feeling Software's download page are 3.03 and 3.04. I (am trying to) use 3.04.

Now I made it work, changing versions from 3.04 to 3.03,

but the animation is not working properly, only the first bone is moving.

OK, I finally made it work.

For anyone who is going to do this, here is my recipe:

  • Use ColladaMax 3.03

  • Use Phong shader

  • Edit the dae file in which you have stored the animation, surrounding all <animation> tags in the <library_animations> tag with one single <animation id="Animation"> tag, it probably doesn't matter which id you input though. Not even sure you need an id. It seems if you dont do this each bones animation data will be treated as a seperate animation.

Also, in the export I check Bake Matrices, don't know what it does but it works.

I believe there is an option to bake the animations as well (effectively surrounding every animation tag with a parent animation).

Can't find it. Does anyone know how to select that option?

Rik said:

Can't find it. Does anyone know how to select that option?

i didnt know u r using max. i guess max isnt really a good option for collada here. maya would be alot better. and thats what my graphic team is using. try to switch to maya~

I have some problems with the new version of the ColladaImporter. In previous versions  the load method had a parameter for the texture dir. The new version however only supports the location and name. How do I set the location for loading textures now?

Take a look in TestColladaLoading