True Type Fonts v Bitmap, Larger Sizes with Blurring

Hi there,

I’m trying to make a game, and I’m trying to have a large word appear on the screen!

I attempt to use the default bitmap font that comes with jme, but if I size it up it gets all blurry.

I imagine it being a BitMapFont may have something to do with it, as most fonts I see out there are True Type Fonts.

Are these types of fonts useable with the jme?

Is there a way to get the bitmap word to appear larger without the blurring?

Is there perhaps another font provided within jme that would solve this problem easily?

I guess the main question is, how would I achieve a large word on the screen :stuck_out_tongue: Without the font blurring

You can make new fonts via File->New… → JME Font

@normen said: You can make new fonts via File->New.. -> JME Font

What he said! Also, try increasing the size of the Bitmap Font to something like 512x512 and increase the size (leave the default render size the same). This will allow you more flexibility with larger font sizes and you can use the Texture min or mag filter options (can’t remember which has the effect on close objects) to create the desired dithering.

I did a 64 font size a while back, was pretty much clean between 12 and 64 size.