Ttf to bitmap converter

note for those that encounter errors.

I had run this and it worked very well… however, I had a few fonts that it ran into issues with. 

IF you have this problem, simply find out the name of the font and run the buildFont("NAME OF FONT") and it will process them.  I had no problems running all of my fonts even those that didn't work the first time.

I think this would be a great addition to jmex.  Anyone disagree?

I agree.  I think there needs to be a few small changes (like allowing the processing of one font instead of the whole GE), but other than that, I think it would be a great addition!

because of some reason i read all the time TGAToBitmapConverter :slight_smile: (that's why i just posted the link)

i also think this would be a good addition to jme.

did you test it with more fonts (not just generate the texture, but inspect the resulting Text)? afaik the quads generated for Text overlap a bit.

still, someone will have to fix Text to also work outside the ortho queue :slight_smile:

No, I haven't tested it to check the Text yet.

I just ran the converter.

I'll probably test the fonts more, later today or tomorrow.

thanks for replys guys,

I have noticed some fonts cause errors but most of them work ok, also for some reason it works better with java6 than java5 in Linux. with java5 I just get error immediatly and it quits but with java6 it creates most of the fonts but throws a couple errors.I think there are just a couple wacky fonts on my system that are causing the probs. as far as adding to jmex that sounds great but I would like to snazz it up a bit first. Im thinking a jlist to choose fonts you want to create, a progress bar, and a file chooser to pick where to save the image. hope that sounds good Ill post back in a couple days when its done.