Tutorial assets (for tutorial 3 Hello Assets)

I have a feeling I’m going to post this and then face palm as I realize how obvious the answer is. So, I’m a noob at this for sure, but I cant seem to find where I download the ninja, teapot,etc. assets. I should mention that when I load the tutorial page there is a huge blank space there and an icon that tells me there’s a broken link to an image file. I tried clicking on it and it took me to a place where I “could” download 2 images. I say “could” because they too were broken and if you tried to download it would only result in error.

So, Im just wondering is the town.zip all that I need for the entire tutorial or is there another place where I download tutorial assets from? Or am I just missing a huge sign ? :frowning:

Thanks in advance!

Yes, you are missing a huge sign xD


Facepalm, I disabled my ad blocker and there it was. Sorry for wasting your time. :stuck_out_tongue: