Tutorial HelloMaterial - Missing files? (still newbie question)

Hi guys,

I’m going through the HelloMaterial tutorial and I get errors when I run the project. Something about “memory cannot be read” (I’m at work right now, I don’t have the exact error message in front of me). I figured it must be because the files loaded by the asset manager (“Unshaded.j3md”, “Lighting.j3md”, “Monkey.png”, etc) cannot be found. Further in the tutorial, it says: "As you have seen, you can find the following default materials in jme/core-data/Common/…. ". But I don’t find this folder anywhere. Just to make sure I didn’t mess anything up during JME3 installation, I reinstalled it from skratch, but I still don’t have that folder or these files anywhere.

Can someone give me a little briefing on where those files should be and where the asset manager looks for these files?

Thanks a lot!

Open the project tree, right click on “Library”, select “add library”, select “jme3-test-data”, click “Add library”.

Now you will get those assets.

I never would have guessed, I don’t see this instruction anywhere in the tutorial. Or maybe it’s because I create a new jMonkey project for each tutorial and this instruction was in a previous tutorial?

I’ll try this tonight when I get home

Thanks a lot iamcreasy! :slight_smile:

Theres a big fat yellow box with an exclamation mark before it in “Hello Assets”, we cannot put all information on the spot you look at. Just do the tutorials from start to end, theres much more info in them than the title might suggest.

@Normen: Well, like I said, I start a new project for each tutorial (I want to isolate them and keep them as clean and simple as possible for future reference), so the stuff I imported in a previous tutorial doesn’t show up in the new one automatically. I am doing all the tutorials and all the exercises.

Ok, you will need the test/example assets in every project that uses them.

I’ll be sure to import them each time I begin a new tutorial just to make sure. :wink: Thanks for your help normen!