Tutorial requst: How to create certain kind of games

I dont’t know if this is the right place. I think it would be a huge help if there were a few tutirals on how to create certain kinds of games.
Going through the tutorials that are there helps a lot understanding all the mechanics and how to start, but everything is more or less geared to a direct input and normal scaled view.
Maybe there are such examples allready but i wasn’t able to find them so far.
So what i have in mind are small examples/demos/tutorias on how to start creating certain kinds of games.
Examples i can think of right now are:

1st/3rd person real time game
(this is more or less covered in current tutorials, but a small demo with a room, a static object and a player in it you can move with cursers and have a crosshair moveable with mouse would help a lot)

Realtime world simulation game
(some small demo showing a landscape from bird’s eye view with a model you can select and move arround, maybe place a few static objects on the map too, nice examples would be C&C style or Black & White style)

Turn based tactical world game
(a small demo showing maybe an island that is covered with a tile grid with a few trees on it and a model you can select and move arround with a limited movement per turn and a gui button to start next turn)

Realtime space simulation game
(a small demo where you are sitting in a simple cokpit and you can ply through a simple star system)

Realtime or turn based space tactical game
(a small demo with a star system, a small ship model and a starbase, starbase is static but selectable, ship you can mode arround with clicking somewhere)

I think little examples like this would greatly help a lot of ppl in understanding how to create these kind of enviroments.
Also it would help newcommers to get started on their first projects faster.

I think your intent is good but there are a few problems.

  1. people who know how to write these types of games will find the current tutorials enough to get started quickly. (I know I did when I got started two years ago.)
  2. people who don’t know how to write these types of games won’t really be helped by simple tutorials.
  3. the “simple” tutorials listed are more work than you think… and then new users will complain they are too complicated. (See: MonkeyZone)

For some types the current tutorials are pretty good. I know that. just finding it hard for a few concepts to wrap them into this enviroment.
I guess if you don’t know how to write those kind of games you shouldnt start with a 3D framework anyways and lern the game concept before putting it in a more complex surrounding.
I have done a few of those in 2D, finding it a bit hard now to put all the stuff into the right places in jme framework, thats all.
And i know those examples wouldn’t be done in a few lines of code. But they could be a good collection of several things packet into one running example. Different types of cameras, picking to select a model and switch controls to it, mocing a model along a grif etc.

Well it was just a thought, maybe there are a few code examples allready flying arround wich fit some of these descriptions, thought those could be collected in tutorial section of jme page too.

Starting 3d is fine…you just need to start really simple and then work up from there :slight_smile:

@Pspeed is right. Most of the examples you cite are several days of work.
See for example the space solar system. If you look into the forum, you will see some people are working on building “simple” planets for weeks.
I can’t imagine a “simple” tutorial guiding a newbie into this.

I didn’t mean to create full detailed great looking examples. For a star system some simple rotating balls maybe with adding a halo effect to the sun would suffice, this would only take a couple of lines to create. It is not about showing how to create good looking planets, its more about the mechanics part then the grafics part.

@ryukajiya Here’s one of my “simple” demos if you want to check it out.