Hey guys !

Do you know where I can find good tutorials about Nifty GUI ?

I’ve taken a look to the documentation but I didn’t find any.

Thx !

Thats too bad, better go to the eye doctor…






Oh my bad, I didn’t think it was in advanced tutos. Sorry about that, thx !

I updated these docs a bit yesterday, I added a missing essential tip how to pass gamedata into a screencontroller (via the constructor).

I plan to come up with some better GUI docs in the next few weeks, but I personally haven’t really written a GUI beyond the very simple stuff that I described above. I really need to describe the step-by-step workflow, and code samples of nice looking common UI elements like the ones shown in the Nifty 1.3 demos. I’m still fighting with taking the samples apart cleanly. :stuck_out_tongue:

If any of you had any breakthrough solutions that are not yet mentioned in the above docs, and you think they would be interesting for everyone, please post them here.

PS: Graphics in the wiki are partially broken at the moment, don’t be surprised, they’ll be back.