I have gone through the flag rush tutorials and while they are good, I don't think I know enough coming out of them to produce even a small game (unless it would utilize the same features as flagrush)

For example, if I wanted to make a space sim or something, that wouldn't really help much

are there any other tutorials or documents I should be reading?

(Im pretty experience with Java in general but a n00b to 3D)


I can only suggest looking through the Wiki user guide and other tutorials posted there.

Start building the basics of what you need and search the forums when you have troubles.

Also I would suggest looking at the game states usage.



i can suggest reading any good material on 3d, to take you forward…it doesn't have to be jme specific

I agree with MrCoder… even more, I think a bit of OpenGL understanding would certainly help you with performance analysis. Specially if you want to engage in a full-scale game.

Now, what are exactly the features you are aiming for in that space game?

Oh, I didn't mean I want to actually make a space game

It was just an example.

I'll take your suggestions on board, I'm going to read up on some general 3D information then have another crack at jME  :smiley:

Thanks guys