I have been searching for tutorials for beginers, found a realy good one(that goes only to lession two as it seens).

otherwise all the other ones i found are outdated and don't work prorpialy with the version of jME2 that i downloaded yesterday…

since i might have missed something, there is a place where the best tutorials are hidden? or they all are outdated?

Hi Guedez,

Welcome to jME :).  Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your viewpoint) you have come to jME during a 'change in management'.  Who are the new managers you might ask?  Well, you are; so get to those tutorial translations!

hehe, actually what I mean is that jME is more 'open-source' now; and as such there is talks of how to proceed (the change in management happened during a release phase, so there is a few loose ends, such as the tutorials).  For the time being check out the changes between version 1.0 and 2.0 here:


and still use the old tutorials, also feel free to post questions if/when you get stuck.

The source for the Hello* examples, the Flagrush tutorial and all Test* Examples comes with the jme source:




HAHA 11 seconds! :stuck_out_tongue:

beat me :wink:

hmmm. ok

Only the source is probably not what you were looking for.

The wiki is full of useful Information, but most is written with jme1 code.

Jme1 and 2 are not very different tho, as you can tell by the link basix provided.

The User Guide helped me a lot to get an overview of what jme is and can do.