Two different Glow-Filters?


i have my aircraft / spaceship flying, using regular glowmap for the sun, engines and alike - quite nice so far.

but now besides that there are windows and well lit hangars. Since the player can’t enter those i want to use a texture for the lighting - but without that all glowing around the actual light-source. (since gloom is a post-processing filter it doesn’t mimic window-lighting) … i just want a part of the texture not darkened in the shadow … right now every window looks like a signal-flare.

As far as i know i can only apply one Filter-strength for the entire scene.
… any ideas?

i thought of modifying a material, using a second glow-texture which then is used by a material-shader similar to the glow-shader … but i have never gone that deep into the JME materials.


You could make the glowmap darker for the windows, eg a gray