Project name: TykeBot

Game type: Action 3rd(maybe 1st)person Shooter

Links: I will have a website up and running soon :wink:

License: ??? EDIT: MIT

Recruiting I Would LOVE a modeler

Contact: what is this?

Status: Pre-Alpha, only have menu and graphics set up.



I HATE WINDOWS, my ye olde version of vista put too much stress on keyboard and motherboard so bye-bye tykebot unless I can get it fixed. Lol I want a hackintosh

This game is about a robot(TykeBot) that stayed on a star warsy type planet and was brought to a game show Hosted on a GINORMOUS arena in space where he has to go through a few types of challenges, all deadly.

one is similar to podracing, a floating speederish thing that goes around 300 miles an hour. oh and it has machine guns :smiley:

another is the time challenge. this one probably won’t make it into the game but it basically blow up everything until time runs out

the Deathmatch challenge will be basically a fight to the last, with lots of pretty explosions :smiley:

and maybe a few more…

I REALLY NEED IDEAS, for example whats the name of the game show, and I REALLY NEED A 3D MODELER, but I really enjoy the coding

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Sounds cool! Happy to hear the coding experience is a pleasant one so far.

Will certainly check back here for screenies etc :slight_smile:



I like the sound of this plot :smiley: I’m sick and tired of games that try to hard to be taken seriously.

Meanwhile looking for that 3D modeler, you should check out our resources. I especially recommend the new site BlendSwap. Finding a 3D modeler who’s talented and accountable will probably take a long time, so you better make do with whatever you can find in the meantime. The best way to attract potential takers is lots and lots of (preferably visual) progress :wink:

If you’d like I could type up a proper concept paper for you (like a 2-5 pager that acts as a pitch for your game), but I’d like to see a prototype first before I invest those hours.

Now about the license, what exactly do you want? If you want people to do whatever they want with your game, just apply the MIT license. For a just-for-fun and portfolio material type of game, that’s the one I’d recommend.

I really like robots!!

If you need ideas, i'm gonna throw everything that your project inspires me, and what, as a gamer, i would want to see in that kind of game.

You can take whatever you want!

TykeBot is a good name. Sounds like a prototype name, and a hero prototype is a good thing, makes you feel different from masses.

It should definitely be a 3rd person camera. Being a super prototype robot hero and never seeing it on screen is just completely frustrating!! :stuck_out_tongue:

The story seems classic, which is good imho, but TykeBot needs to have a goal. Fighting for fighting is fun…but only 5 minutes.

Maybe he's a prisoner and he has to win the challenges to be set free (like the running man plot), or he need to win the challenge to earn money so that his beloved conceptor can have a brain surgery to prevent his/her death… (like if Pinoccio wanted to save Gepetto…).  :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway he needs a reason to fight.

About the pod race, does it has to be pod? I mean, you should put the emphasis on the robot. Why would a machine need another machine to fly??? he could have some sort of cool jet pack device on his back that allow him to fly at 300mph!!

On a side note, this way you can keep the same Robot model for every challenges…

Each challenge win should reward TykeBot with a new device to enhance his body. (same as the "goal" argument)

TykeBot should have some special wide range weaponry, like being able to call for an air strike, or some kind of missile swarm getting out of his shoulders, to storm the area in case of emergency (you never know what could happen…  :smiley: ). Being powerful is fun :stuck_out_tongue:

One of the best robot game i've played was Zone of the Enders on PS2. Graphics were Japanese manga style (i like that, but not everyone does), and the robot movements, weapons, abilities were really great imho. Maybe you could grab some ideas there too…

Hope that helps

Looking forward for the website and maybe a demo?

@ nehon WOW that's a great idea :), I already have a point to the game, to defeat the maniac owner and host of the game show to save  thousands of fans who are unwittingly prisoners, and about the racing, that's what is the great idea. my prototype model already has a thruster instead of feet, and I think if I used that in the races it would be more fun anyway :smiley:

I would definitely give the user upgrade points according to how epic their fighting was to use for upgrades to speed, power, ETC }:-@

I have a giant spinning laser combo attack planned, and you keep a laser sword and a rocket launcher throuout the game. I do need LOTS of ideas for the weapons however, do ya think a scimitar or a gladius, or some other sword style would be good?

@ erlend_sh that MIT Liscense sounds like it's good, but I am only 15 and don't have a jobyet does it cost anything? also I will have a prototype in a few weeks, but it will be VERY basic. or do you mean the story, I can tell you the prototype of the story if that is what you mean

@ someone I am having trouble with textures, I make four cubes for the menu, apply textures to each, and they all end up colored as the last one I make!

PS please don't think that because I am young means I am inexperienced, I have been programming for 4 years :smiley:

An arena game in 1st person  :-o

Sounds tricky!

The race part will work but what about the DM part?

How would you handle the fighting???

I think you would be better off with a side-up angle (Street fighter), much easier to achieve and graphicize (new verb). Note that you don't have to skip 3D just because you lock the angle!

As for story I thought it to be a little uninspiring aswell, to blindly fight as ordered that is. Maybe something could happen after a few levels, a failure of some kind, and the player escapes the arena. Then your goal becomes clear, to escape this gigantic prison. Ofcourse in the last scene you fight the bigus bossus himself and leave into space with an

geniusgames said:

@ erlend_sh that MIT Liscense sounds like it's good, but I am only 15 and don't have a job*yet* does it cost anything?
He he, no, doesn't cost anything at all. Basically you just say "This project is MIT licensed" and that's it! ;) If you open a project like on http://code.google.com/ they will let you specify that license from a drop-down menu.

also I will have a prototype in a few weeks, but it will be VERY basic. or do you mean the story, I can tell you the prototype of the story if that is what you mean
No I meant actual game prototype, yeah. But pitch us the story right away if you'd like and we can start giving feedback for that as well.

p.s. better start a new thread (in Troubleshooting) for that texture problem of yours; it's not very visible here for people who're just skimming through. Also do a search first though, I think this problem might've come up before.

Ok, the story is that a robot is kidnapped from a planet to play as a contestant in [name here], the biggest game show in the galaxy. he goes through many challenges , and every once and a while goes up against the host's favorites(bosses). after around 15 levels or so, he notices there are "accidents" happening frequently, and mostly around him.  after a level or two of prying around he finds out that the host wants him dead, he is caught and sent back to fighting in the arena. everything goes on merrily, with these "accidents" happening frequently.  

I really don't know how to make the host get to fight him, but I'll get around to it… anywho, I worked for 3 hours yesterday on the code, and I got a working menu up!!! It's completely 3D! I decided to use picking to aim the cam at the buttons and shoot, and it works marvelous! I'll get a screenie up soon, and should I make google code host my project or google sites ??? I think google code would be best :slight_smile:

@turrets I meant tyke as in toddler, and thanks for the enthusiasm over my game, but the fighting will be hopefully ratchet and clank reminiscent, 3rd person cam following a character with lots of pretty weapons, rather than street fighter type

Well about the how-to-beat-the-big-boss'-arse problem…

Its a robot fighting against other robots? What a bout a update to read an enemies mind after his death? You could put little story parts and so on in little bosses and in the final stage boss - so the last boss before the last boss XD - could give you information about the location of the uber master you want to beat so hard.

Then… little cut scene… you see the big and mighty robot breaking through a door surprising a very pale mister … and then the fight begins :slight_smile:

Just an idea.

sorry for the LONG wait for an update, busy times! also I couldn’t log in for a couple of weeks for some reason…

ANYWHO I have the menu done with a great setup where you aim at the menu item you want to choose and thats it, i’m having a bunch of trouble now because one of my models got corrupted and It’s taking a while to fix. BTW I am using JME3 now!!!

That’s a cool idea. I am going to have to work on my blender modelling skills. Right now I would just be wasting your time because I’ve been away from it for so long. I did some basic weapons models and a static humanoid figure (that wasn’t very good) for a failed MMORPG but that’s about it. Blender is cool but hard. But if you talked about what kind of models you wanted, I would start working on some and if I thought it was any good I could post them or send them to you or something.

In other words, what kind of models specifically are you looking for: poly count, dimensions, color scheme, art style (cartoony, star wars, realisitic, etc)?

Well, right now my computer is broke, fried motherboard, but my art style I’m looking for is a mix of star wars and cartoonish, I wanted a more dull color scheme with some enemies being terminator style and others being very ratchet and clank similar, a medium poly count is great! Anyway what I really need help with is level maps, I am horrible at modeling anything but characters! My textures are pretty bad too… My level maps so far are ruinous (very unrealistic) cities and that’s what I want for levels, alien cities! Lol long post :slight_smile:

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