UI and network in depth

Hi Paul,

I wanted to ask you about how do you build your GUI? You mentioned some possible “modding” in your site’s FAQ, is this more about assets or about GUI as well? Do you use some (maybe) XML-like format or scripting API to load the interface, or is it hardcoded and built during compile time?

And one more question (if it is not a commercial secret ofc): what is the order of number of players online you expect to be able to serve on one realm/server at once - tenths, hundreds, thousands? Did you run some simulation to estimate network load? Do you expect some typical RTT or just hardcode some desired update interval (i.e. every player should have an update each 0.5 sec)?

Thanks :slight_smile:

There is no XML format in the latest engine… just groovy and Java code that builds the Lemur-based GUI. But anything can be replaced with plugins so the UI can be fully reconverted. (The old ugly UI in the public version of Mythruna still uses nifty.)

The goal was around 64 at a time… I have no specific goal but I’d like it to be at least around that size.

Not sure how to answer that question. The networking in the new engine is/will be a combination of a few techniques but they are all Open Source. It will use Zay-ES’s networking as well as SimEthereal.

anything can be replaced with plugins

So you expect to publish some details about what would be necessary interfaces supported by plugins? I am curious cause I’m planning my UI now and trying to study what is used in existing multiplayer projects (i.e. in WoW for instance - but I’m not amazed by how well it is documented though yet). Thanks for the answers!