Umbra Gaming's Dodgeball FPS Project Demo Video!

YouTube link

Just a very basic demo, recorded on a crappy laptop (so the FPS is way down, usually runs at 90) for what we’ve done so far.

Very basic map, no texturing (all of that is simple stuff that doesn’t really matter and can easily be done later).

Very comprehensive map loading system to load the .jme file, since the map is created in MW3D. Loads everything perfectly. No balls escape the walls, like they used to (thanks to a better understanding of how MW3D should be used).

Comments are appreciated!

Are those boxes supposed to be the players?

:smiley: No, silly!

It's a dodgeball game-- way better than the old FPS games, you can't only shoot straight at people, but you can bounce off of walls, ceilings, or obstacles. The boxes there are obstacles that you can duck behind or bounce balls off of, adding new dimensions of play. Are they ugly? How could I texture them to make them cooler?

That's a small level, designed for up to 6 players.

I'd thought those boxes are some placeholders, until playermodel are ready :wink:

I would use some wood texture or metal, or a brickwall