Unable to allocate texture

Hi, I'm getting strange "[driAllocateTexture:636] unable to allocate texture" messages in my log now and then, and it hurts my fps… What causes these? I figure it has to do with mipmaps, because it only happens when I use MM_LINEAR_LINEAR and not with MM_LINEAR. (and I can get the errors again and again by moving the camera back and forth from the model)

I'm loading a static model I've exported from blender as obj, and after loading I recurse over every element to call setFilter() and setMipmapState(). Somehow MM_LINEAR_LINEAR also makes my model appear "cracked" with tiny black lines along some triangles. This is a very neat effect :smiley: but it only works when the camera is some distance away, as I move the camera closer the cracks disappears… Other simpler models I use doesn't seem to be affected.

The gfx-card of this computer is rather sucky, but I've seen the same cracks at my other (better) computer. Not sure if I got the error messages there though, but it's possible I missed them as I had lots of debug-output turned on.

What platform or you on, and what is the graphicscard / driver? (dri seems to suggest linux?)

Google seems to suggest you're not the only one with the problem: http://www.google.com/search?q=driAllocateTexture:636, so it's probably not easiliy fixable in jME or even LWJGL.

Oh, I didn't realize it was a problem outside of jME. Well, then I'll just use the other mipmap-setting for now.

I'm on ubuntu 6.10, and the graphics card seems to be a "Intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset Integrated Graphics Device" with Driver "i810". Perhaps I should try to disable DRI in xorg.conf and try again…

That's an old piece of kit. I'm surprised it works at all in fact :slight_smile: (I think under windows you wouldn't get it to work).

I don't think disabeling DRI will do much good, since that'll also disable OpenGL most likely.