Unable to find Properties option

How to open Properties.

I’m following these steps in the book and I’m stuck in item number 2. There is no Properties option in the Window. I’ve been trying to find Properties for almost an hour with no luck. Please understand that I’m very new to JME. I started 2 days ago. Thanks!

Let’s create the effect material:

  1. Click to select the scene’s emitter node in the SceneExplorer window.
  2. Open Properties from the Window menu. Go to Properties | Geometry | Material,
    and click on Create j3m file to create a new .j3m material.

It should already be there, docked to the right side of your window. If not it should be under Windows->IDE Tools->Properties.

Also keep in mind that the properties window always stays there and it’s content is context sensitive, so if you see properties of your java file you did not open a j3o file. If you don’t see the Particles’ Properties you did not select the Emitter.

Thanks! Saved my day. I did’t look at the IDE Tools.