Unable to open a project new or old

Hi, I’m having a problem opening projects. I just updated JMP and after the updates the projects “disappeared”. As you can see in the printscreen JMP doesn’t recognize the projects anymore. But when I open JMP, I see the projects that where open before the update, but they disappear again.


I also had a problem with the sceneviewer on startup and when I went to disable it in the plugins window I saw that there were some plugins that weren’t enabled, but when I tried to enable them I had an error.

error in one of the updates or did I something wrong? :slight_smile:

it’s an error in the update: I’ve got the same problem…

You’ll have to wait for the next update

Ok thx, I expected this, I asked just to make sure :slight_smile:

No its not, the latest updates work fine. Reinstall and update if you have problems.