Unable to view info of fpsNode

Greetings all!

I have a problem of viewing the information(FPS +renderer stats) of my fpsNode that exists in my custom class

that extends BaseGame. I created it following blindly the instructions of the HelloSimpleGame tutorial and all I can

see is a white box. Since most probably I'm doing something wrong I tried to run some of the tests that extend

BasicSimpleGame and still the same thing.  :? A screenshot taken from the TestAnisotropic demo follows.

What Am I doing wrong?

[EDIT:] How do I post an image using the editor? Is my browser blocking a file chooser or I have to manually write path to the file to be uploaded?

I believe you have to upload the image to the web yourself and then use the img tag to point to where you uploaded it.

As for the white FPS info, it sounds like jME is unable to find the Font texture.  See if you can verify this in the console output.  Even if you can't, you should probably double check that the font texture image is in your classpath.  (oftentimes this occurs when you are using cvs and your ide has not been told to copy certain file types - like tga or png - across to the classes directory during compile)

Yep! The problem was that my compiler ignored *.tga files and didn't copy them to my classpath.

Thanks a lot renanse!