Uncommon Resolutions


I want to run my game on the Resolution 320x240, but this Res is not defined as a standard Resolution.

What can I do?

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I think that’s a feature of your video driver/card not jme.

Define your own AppSettings before your game starts. For more info look at the wiki.
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Last resort you can render to a texture (chose any resolution you want), stick the texture on the screen and have black borders for the rest of the window.

Yes those Resolutions are what your current Monitor supports and 600x800 is probably the lowest. This however only applies to fullscreen mode, in Windowed mode you can set any Resolution (just not in the Launcher)

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I use this resolutions and aspect Ratios to get best result and I think it can be useful for you:

public static String[] resolutions = new String[]{
        "2048:1152", // 16:9 [0]
        "1920:1080", // 16:9 [1]
        "1600:900", // 16:9  [2]
        "1280:720",// 16:9   [3]

        "1680:1050", // 8:5  [4]
        "1440:900", // 8:5   [5]
        "1280:800", // 8:5   [6]

        "1280:1024" // 5:4   [7]

Thank u, that’s probably the only thing I can do ;-;

Unqualified lol