Undefined symbols error on loading jme demo

I have been trying to get JME working on FreeBSD 6.0, but have not been able to make any of the shared libraries for liblwjgl.so work from libmap.conf when it needs libpthread.so.0.  I had mapped it to libpthread.so.1 but then I'd get an error -> java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: …/java/jme/lib/liblwjgl.so: …/java/jme/lib/liblwjgl.so: Undefined symbol "__ctype_b_loc"

I tried mapping it to pluginwrapper/java3d.so (like it's done in the java3d section of libmap.conf), but same error.

Anyone have any ideas?

jME itself does not contain any native code. For trying to build the native libs, or getting them to work on your platform, I think you'd be best of in the forums or lists of those projects themselves.


edit: and thank you darkfrog

Llama means to say, "jME itself does NOT contain any native code…"

Llama, no worries man, I got your furry back!


Thanks, I'll go hit them up instead  :wink: