Units and artsyle propositions


I’ve done some concept sheets and obtain two firsts units for the human faction. i need your opinion about the art and the design - i already thought about the factions, and other units are already drawn, but i love sharing ideas.

I mixed up art deco/diesel punk references with some more Mad max’s post apo.

First comes the armoured car. Cheaper and faster than a tank.

Then comes the roll(er) tank.

Sry about the glitter ‘paillette’, that’s not volunteer, just a bad adjustment.


It’s a good looking destruction machine.
I’d like to drive this “car” in Carmageddon :smile:

It definitely has an artistic touch to it.

I didn’t follow too much the art direction, but you’re going for a flat shaded look?
I like the retro-futur look of the vehicles, that’s nice.

Very nice ! As I said in private, I think we have lot of ways to enhance the lowpoly style, but I love he general style and the originality ! Can’t wait to see future versions and put it in the game !

Yes. We’ve made the choice of the lowpoly art with the initial 3D disigner, for it is gorgous and it keeps productivity ! Here are the current in-game models :

Looking at that picture, I think it would be nice if you do the tank having really dynamic suspension. Like it looks like it has these 4 separate “paws” with wheels and they should reflect the landscape changes when it moves.

In this type of game, units with a more quadratic foot-print work better I think. The current tank already looks a bit odd at times being much longer than wide.

Poly flattening in process.

Some pictures of the updated car :


Yes, If you want to have homgenous groups of same units, you need each to contain, and occupy a circle. The collision are always made with bounding circles (because units rotate on themselves) so with none circular design, you will have different spaces between units.

That’s why the SC2 siege tank has additionnal tracks on its side.

For more unique units, like in command and conquer, you can make differently.

Could you make a screen with more light, and an isometric camera? The shininess of the material is important to get more contrast between facets.

Nice work !

Hi all,

First, here’s some updates

and now the next unit’s sketch
(on the front view the mid’s branches star will be longer, like on the side view ; it’s a quick sketch as you can see)

Always open to opinions and ideas. =)


I love the concept !

I think that you should think about the lowpoly art effets from the very beginning, thougt. I see curves that may be hard to retrieve in a lowpoly faceted model.

Also, the front star should be optionnal, since it add a very “Communism” effect, that may be or not be desired by the gameplay.

Maybe bigger wheels?

A muscled truck with a heavy train-styled bumper, a huge and rotative flamme thrower, and an enormous tank full of ugly fuel… very diesel-punk, very badass !

Can’t wait to see That in-game !

Gratz realy, i like the idea.
I aggree with what @methusalah said, as :

  • Bigger wheel, these whell seam pretty small for the vehicle, do not be affraid to exagerate them.
  • The front part seam too small considering the length of the vehicle (it make me feel looking a train while the side look like a truck)
  • There is some unbalance of detail with the right part and the side part (on the side view)

You can easily get rid of the lowpoly effect by using subsurfs on the model and then baking the hires model to normal maps which you then apply to the lowpoly model (see blender tutorial in the wiki)

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Concept of a heavy airship for IA race :


Some progress on my free time :

Idle :

Flying :