Unread posts on the forum are not listed, but still unread

Is anyone else having issues with this? I can click the "Show unread posts since last visit." link and get a bunch of threads, but sometimes after looking at a thread I will come back and they are all gone :? .

I can go to the main board and the category monkeys are all colored with new postings and I have to go through all of them to find all the post that just disappeared. And even sometimes those monkey icons are gray, but there are still unread posts in the categories!! And it all just seems random to me, can't figure out what I'm doing to mess that up, been struggling with it for years. Anyone else?

It's based on cookies I think?  I know if I close my browser and come back, it pushes all the "new" unread to be "old".  One tip is that if you've read all the new unread messages, there will show a link to all unread messages.


You should be able to just use that instead of having to hunt through the forums.

Cookie based, I guess that was the answer I was looking for. That would explain it, as my browser cleans up regularly. Thanks for the tip renanse.