Unsolicited thoughts on jgo / xith / etc

I hardly ever go there, but I just did a search for "jME"… honestly, what a waste of time. Of course that means darkfrog is present :smiley: Almost makes me feel sorry for "blue".

I guess it's fair to the people who want to start developing games they get to know the options out there… that's why I think there's a need for a site on Java game development. But javagaming.org is not quit how I'd envision that… I guess in the end people do point in the direction of jME as well, and for some users that's a good thing.

  1. I'd always encourage people on any forum not to "gloat". I'm not just talking about jME related things here :slight_smile:

  2. The BSD license doesn't say you can't take our code and still bitch about it… It does say something about keeping the copyright notice intact for that matter :wink:

    Collaberation for relativly small projects like jME/LWJGL/Xith/whatever doesn't usually start by a few developers talking a lot about it. It starts by someone coming up with some good code and dedication.

    If someone took the jME math code, gave it a nicer package name, and added a bunch of useful functions… why wouldn't it be useful? OK, we're all a bit biased here… but seriously… I think that's the only conclusion an unbiased coder would come up with, looking at quality, current usage of the code, licensing, or for that matter "politics" (jME does seems to have the biggest pull at the moment). Anyone serious about the idea of a unifying math lib would just do that first, or just announce they're gonna be doing that. If they think JSRs and what not are more important let them use JOGL and vecmath and JavaSound etc.

I think i found the thread. A blue guy desperately trying to save the life of a dying xith. s

But seriously, I just think we should take the points worth noting and do our best to make the switch over to jME easier(better noob/getting started docs etc), and instead of getting into flaming, try to serve the non jme-believers with easy channels into requesting features they miss in jME that xith or other engines have…

I believe in collaboration, but not on the level he wants, it would be like trying to combine the core of opengl and directx :wink:

I'm not gonna type anything more here cause it would just be a copy of renanse post…

I agree with you Renanse, and apologize if I've done anything to discredit jME.  I do have to claim I was sort of baited though.  BlueSky makes a lot of claims of not being biased and it wasn't until half-way through that thread I realized it was all a facade he uses to draw people in and then try to make them see things his way.  My original intention was to try to educate more people on JGO about jME and even though BlueSky is a psychopath, my hope is that other people that don't know much about jME might see the discussion and come here to find out more.  It seems everything on that forum is extremely biased EVERYTHING but jME and it just seems a shame.  But as I've seen little fruit come of my discussions there thus far, I've pretty much given up on them.  Threads tend to turn ugly there way too easily and certain people particularly annoy me. :-p

Haven't you heard though, my new internal title is "jME Evangelist" :stuck_out_tongue:


…my intentions were good.  :roll:

I guess I'll just have to stick to this forum and my own forum…branching out has been a failure. :wink:



Hey, no need for apologies or anything.  I was really just wondering if my feelings on the matter were way off base.  I'm glad we all seem to be on the same page though more or less.  :slight_smile:

Maybe it didn’t fall on deaf ears after all…


Wishful thinking, but we’ll see what happens. :wink:


Heh, call me a cynic, but I'm guessing we'll see a post later about how he supposedly ported over his game and it ran like crap.  :slight_smile:

haha…and keep an eye out for a new member of this forum(maybe with some blueish type name) asking lots of questions and wanting to become a developer :wink:

Well, no matter what happens we can't ever give him developer access…he might stumble across this thread and see all the mean things we've been saying about him. :stuck_out_tongue:


Mean?  :P  Anyway, that's what the delete thread button is for…

So THAT's what happened to all the "frog flaming" threads when I became a developer!!! :-p


darkfrog said:

So THAT's what happened to all the "frog flaming" threads when I became a developer!!! :-p

I knew he would find out eventually!

And though it's probably superfluous to write it, too: I do agree with most points posted here also :)

Only one thing regarding a common math library: it would benefit us to have one! Not because of collaboration with Xith or any other game engine but because of collaboration with other kind of projects - like physics lib, simulation libs, ai etc.  so we wouldn't need the game engine math library but the java math library . . . but like Llama I think that only a really really nice existing library could achieve that - so there no need to talk about it actually.

Btw. while we are talking about reputation and stuff: does anybody know what 'live tracker' the substance guy talked about when he was explaining how he found darkfrogs comment about substance?

I think it's a program that gathers statistics regarding linkage to his site.  That was my understanding at least.  So when a URL was given and people started clicking on it from the forum he got a link directly back to where they were coming from.  My assumption is that it just does statistical analysis on the number of hits from a certain referral and he can see people who have linked to him and can go check out what it is.