Until a link gets fixed: Work Around for Installing jMonkeyEngine SDK in Windows

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So, hey… I’m a first timer monkey and I found a work-around for other monkey hopefuls to use. It’s worked for me sooo…
A certain link not working at the moment? <-- Moderators, make sure to delete this post when link is properly working, K?

First off! You will need Java 6 RE and Java 6 JDK from:
Java 7 has been released and this may conflict. You will have to sign up with Java to access their installer archives. Welcome to Java. :smiley:

Second off! After installing both those items, you can go to the downloads section of jmonkeyengine.org.
Not “http://hub.jmonkeyengine.org/downloads/” - That is broken for windows at the time of this post.
go to:
and choose:
jME3_SDK_3.0RC2-windows.exe <-- or most recent suggested, for your platform.
Welcome to jMonkeyEngine

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…best use the 3.0 release version instead of the RC2 :slight_smile:

And i personally recommend using jdk7, i developed a while on 7 and had never any issues.
http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk7-downloads-1880260.html no signup required

There should be already a link somewhere to the release version, so it should be better using this one instead of the release candidate.

Thats if you want to use the sdk. If you don’t need/want the luxury of the sdk you can also check out the sources…

//Edit: Ninjanormen

3.0 has the right JDK bundled so no need to install unsupported JDKs (I am looking at you Linux users)

Which jdk is bundled with 3.0?

Yo zzuegg!

Awesome, thanks for the verification that Java 7 is stable for jMonkeyEngine. Woot! I’m coming in from VisualStudio/XNA/C# and I will have to adapt my thinking to jMonkeyEngine/OpenGL/Java.

Yo Normen!

Could I sweet talk a link clarification from you? I posted this topic for other hopeful monkeys to be able to get started until that broken link for installing on Windows is fixed. Would it be:

http://nightly.jmonkeyengine.org/ -> jME3_SDK_Beta-windows.exe ?

Thanks for the quick response!

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@zzuegg said: Which jdk is bundled with 3.0?

Yo Normen!

Thanks for the clarification link! I have installed jMonkeyEngine 3.0 Release on my Windows machine, and everything looks good.

Now I declare this conversation ended, for myself. Time to Learn Java properly, Work with jMonkeyEngine, and release a video series for beginners on how to do it all. <-- Read: Inside of jMonkeyEngine

Game On!